Friday, February 8, 2013

School Counselor SURPRISE!!!

I have to take just a minute to brag on the awesome staff at my school.  Today was just going to be a normal day and the last day of National School Counseling Week, but everyone here went above and beyond to celebrate.  I was "tricked" into running an errand into the cafeteria this morning and noticed that a long and decorated table was set up on the stage.  I though, "hmm, wonder what's going on today?" until I noticed my name in the middle of the table.  Confusion was the first feeling that set in, then complete shock as I realized that this was for me.  The staff had planned and prepared a pot-luck feast for us all to join in and celebrate the last day of school counselor week.  The craziest part to me is that everyone kept it a secret!  I thought I knew everything going on at school-- but this was an incredible surprise and very humbling moment!  I am so blessed to be in this place, to be able to do what I love and work with people as amazing as this.  School Counseling ROCKS!!!  :)

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