Friday, August 31, 2012

Lat Minute Lesson Change-Up :)

Well it turned out to be a busier weekend than I had anticipated and as of Sunday afternoon, I didn't have any of the items that I wanted to use for my introduction lesson to the students!  So I had to come up with something quick that would work.  I had seen the School Counselor's First Aid Kit floating around on Pinterest and decided that I could make it work for me.  I went to this wonderful blog and got all of the directions that I needed to create my very own School Counselor Tool Box.  Yep, you read that correctly-- I made a tool box instead of a first aid kit.  I like using the analogy of adding tools to the students' tool boxes throughout the year and I figured it was a good start to teach them about the different "tools" that I use in my job.  They got a kick of out me asking them if they thought that I had a hammer and a saw in my box-- of course I don't use those types of tools!  I used it with all grade levels (even the upper grades) and it worked so well to help explain my role to the kids.  Since the lesson was done in such a short amount of time (15 minutes each) I was able to meet all classes before next week when I will start my lessons... 7 Habits here we come!!

Here is a picture of my tool box:

I didn't have time in each class to cover all of the items, but I was able to pick and choose.  I used the eraser (to help them fix mistakes), the head phones (because I'm a good listener) and the key (to explain what confidential means and tell them the exceptions to that rule) in every lesson.  I only used the star in 5th grade to talk about how I was going to help guide them to middle school and get them through the lonely, confusing, scary times along the journey.  I just picked and chose the rest of them depending on the grade level I was with.  I made sure to talk about all of  all of the points I wanted to make even if I didn't use the tool that specifically represented that (they all tie together pretty nicely).

Also, the most important (and my favorite!) thing that I did, was leave them with with their own tool to solve problems this year.  When I came in the middle of last year, I brought with me Heart Talk.  It was something that I learned in my internship and came from a WONDERFUL lesson planning resource, Puzzle Pieces by Diane Senn.  Heart Talk teaches the children to use I-messages (I feel, because, please) when they have a problem.  In every class I had at least a couple of students fill my bucket by showing me that they remembered Heart Talk!  :)

What did you use for your first lesson with your kiddos?  I'm so glad to have met all of the classes and I can't wait to get started next week with my lessons!

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