Monday, July 23, 2012

Here goes nothing...

       Let's just start off by saying that this blog has been a long time coming!  I really wanted to start my own school counseling blog during my first internship, but it took an unfortunate back burner to my diving into the world of school counseling head first. There was SO much to learn, practice and see (not to mention that I was planning a wedding, nannying for a wonderful family and in class every night) that the blog was set aside as  something that I just "didn't have enough time for".  Two internships later, I graduated with my Masters degree in December 2011 and was blessed beyond belief to walk straight into a school counseling job at an elementary school (Yay! I could have handled middle and high, but my passion is working w/ the little ones).  Thus, my career began smack dab in the middle of the school year as the only school counselor at a title one elem school with roughly 540 children.
      I was determined to start my blog in January, but as you can imagine the whole "not having enough time" excuse that kept me from starting it during internship was magnified by a million when I embarked on getting to know the students, teachers and admin, creating a program and a schedule, running groups and classroom lessons and of course, the thing we all know and love, coordinating state-wide testing (more on that to come later I'm sure).  So, here I am with 5 months of experience under my belt gearing up to start my first "official" year as a school counselor in a few short weeks.  
      I am thankful to be where I am.  I love my school--our students really are so amazing, special and unique.  I love my job and can't wait to work this year to bring a comprehensive school counseling program to my school.  Certainly there are challenges and things that I worry about for this upcoming year-- How can I reframe the way that my teachers, admin and parents view my role as a proactive and comprehensive school counselor when everyone is so used to working with a more disconnected "guidance counselor"?  Am I putting too much on my plate during this first year?  Honestly, where do I even start?

**Hopefully** I'll be able to keep this blog up for real this time around.  I am obsessed w/ pinterest and following the absolutely awesome school counselor blogs out there already.  I think that we are all more passionate, creative and enthusiastic when we collaborate and share ideas.  I'm excited to network with you!  Thanks for reading...see you again soon!

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